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Ornithopter Explorers Kit


ornithopter explorers kit

Explore two completely different ornithopter flapping mechanisms when you build the new Gryphon 2 and Flex ornithopter kits. It's a great DIY project!

The Gryphon2/Flex ornithopter explorers kit comes with a new educational brochure comparing mechanical devices to what is found in nature.

  • Gryphon 2 is a new version of our Gryphon kit, now even easier to build.

  • Flex is a unique new ornithopter design that introduces biomimetic structures into the flapping mechanism.

The new BirdKit ornithopters have about a 16 inch wingspan and weigh less than 1/4 ounce. Kids 12 and up can build these ornithopter kits with a little supervision.

Our balsa wood construction is much lighter than those imitation kits made of bamboo and plastic. Instead of falling like a brick, the BirdKit ornithopters can circle gracefully in the sky when built correctly.

Lubricant and spare rubber bands are included.

Gryphon2/Flex - coming soon