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Ornithopter Gearbox

Ornithopter Gearbox

This is the same modular gearbox that appears in the Crossbow RC ornithopter. You can purchase the gear unit separately to use in your own RC bird. The RC ornithopter gearbox comes complete with a high-efficiency AXI Gold Line 2208/20 motor.

The RC ornithopter gearbox will accept different size pinion gears ranging from 16 through 24 teeth. This allows a range of gear ratios from 28:1 to 42:1. Use a smaller pinion gear for larger wings. Use a larger pinion gear for small wings and more rapid flapping. A 20-tooth pinion gear is included.

Learning how to make an ornithopter is much easier with this ready made gearbox! You can build your own fuselage from balsa wood, or use fiberglass like our Crossbow RC ornithopter kit.

Ornithopter Gearbox - $199.95